Rescue Journal

i hate taking jelly to the vet

Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2010

she is such a big baby oaf.

we get there and i have little prince in my arms and the staff want a weight on her (trust me she hasn't lost a single pound!) so i hand them her leash. she will NOT get on the scale...she walks over it, around it, next to it but she will not get on the freaking thing.
so i hand them prince..."oh no! we don't want to hold him, he is much too frail!"
"too bad, hold the little bugger...JELLY GET ON THAT SCALE AND SIT!" and so she does..the 90 pound oaf. then she sits in front of me and wedges her head in my shirt and starts licking me...geez! not the whole wet t-shirt lactating thing again please!
we get into the exam room and ok..she will lay down but NOT on her side so she can get her staples out. the vet says he will go get an extra pair of hands..i say good cuz i don't want to hold her so he says well we can take her in the back if you want..yay, go for it i say. and they did. she got her freaking staples out and she did not deserve the micky d's breakfast following if you ask me.

prince has gained a whole .06 of a, way to pack the weight on frail little man...(insert sarcasm.) his heart status is no better so we are adding vetmedin to his foretkor regime. the vet said absolutely no might just knock him over the edge and actually kill him. he too liked his breakfast but the vet would probably kill me because of his heart...but i bet it is good for his wanna be bigger waist line!

hootie came home on pretty good drugs but even with her sore mouth, she also enjoyed her breakfast at mcdonalds and wanted much more.

wilma's blood sugars are still way too high so we upped her insulin dose big time. gosh she is a lovely dog. she laid in that clinic (on her side jelly!) and just revelled in belly there is a very good dog.

little jingle bells is doing ok...kind of a needy little sucker...wants to be held and carried constantly..which of course i am doing as much as i possibly can. someone shaved the hair on her face..i am assuming so she can see. but now she looks like a little old tree monkey.

mandy is coughing a lot today...i gave her some lasix last night and better give her some more tonight.
knock on wood..larry has not sounded at all congested today so maybe the antibiotics are working!!!
molly's leg tumor looks pretty good...all of that red angriness is gone and it is quite a bit smaller so the antibiotics and prednisone are doing the job.

my funny for today

tang was trying to come in the dog door and winter was sitting next to it inside. every time tang tried to stick his head thru...she cuffed him one. then he tried just sticking a paw in but she whacked at that too..poor tang wanted badly to get in but he did know how to get past the one eyed whacking one.

i finally took pity and opened the door...he was grateful but winter was disgusted that i came to his rescue and ruined her fun.

and that is all of the saintly news for now.