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sad eyes

Carol  ·  Dec. 12, 2010

i looked into the eyes of a child today and all i saw was a deep and hopeless need....for mary....for somebody... for anybody..... please.
the family had recently moved from way back east and left her little dog behind.
mom was desperate to find a little dog to replace the one from before. that child was badly hurt, promises had been made to replace was left back there. christmas is coming and this is to be the child's gift to put the light of happiness back inside.

i would give that child one of our dogs in an instant..i know whoever it was would be deeply loved. but that sweet and broken hearted little girl just does not yet have the power and strength to protect a dog and keep it safe forever.

i just cannot risk one of our guys ever being left behind again.

i am so sorry.



Perhaps there were circumstances that warranted leaving the family member behiond.. and perhpas not.. perhaps it seemed like the right thing & now realizing the error..they are trying to right a wrong, I would love to see them re-united with the beloved member left behind & that is when all involved learn something..and forgiveness can begin.

If that child has a deep animal loving heart living inside her, she will never forget this.. I hope they find what they are looking for

Garry Gabrielle

Was there some reason the little dog had to be left behind and is there some reason why the little guy cannot be reunited with his/her family?


I do adoption screening for TCR and one of our standard questions is have you ever given up a pet in the past. A yes answer, despite whatever sad story they may have, raises a huge red flag. We aren't likely to give a them a pet who has already been abandoned at least once.

It's about responsibility. People need to take some.


her parents need to teach her that animals are not disposable and everything can be fixed by getting a new's her parents that brought the tears into her eyes and as parents they need to face up to the damage they cause to their children.

Here is a good You Tube spoof that made me laught today


why did they not bring her little dog with them too bad for the little girl and the dog. 2 hearts were broken and not likely soon to mend.