Rescue Journal

in the animal kingdom...

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2010

possession is 10/10ths of the law...there are no exceptions. and this is why i know deep down where truth can't hide that i will lose the freaking tarp war.

olivia's blood work is back...infection and kidney disease. she is starting on antibiotics and we will see how she does.

larry's culture is back from his throat swab..whatever is going on in there..tumor or otherwise..there is also an infection too. so his antibiotics were extended for another week and we will see how he does too.

apparently the river that ran thru us, stayed with us, has now gone away...yay!

i am absolutely beat from my first day back to unless something happens to interfere, i will be doing the diabetics and bedtime meds early and heading off to bed myself....and hopefully i won't be bloggiing any more unless the little buggers force me out of bed again later tonight.

you never know...there is the very slight off chance they will take pity and give me a bit of unconstrained movement room so i can be comfortable while i try to catch up on my inner beauty sleep....the outer beauty phase slipped out on me a long time ago....not that i give a ratz ass.

i am more concerned with losing the tarp war and trying to be a good sport about that.