Rescue Journal

oh yay...not.

Carol  ·  Dec. 16, 2010

maybe's butt is all smeary poopy and her eye is so gooped up, i can't even see past the crud stuck to her eyeball to look at the eye itself. and this is the problem with a black hairy masked dog who hugs the floor and can only be picked up from behind..i hold the little biting cretin every night and pet and kiss the back of her head...i am not a saint here..i just do it cuz i am picking her up anyway and putting her in and out of the play pen for dinner. but i cannot say i have turned her around and peered in her face for the past few days so i am not sure how long her eye has been bad for..the last time i had her up on my bed and was really goofing around with her was on the weekend.
hmm..not good. note to myself..check maybe's eyes every day.

anyway...i did get some eye ointment in to soften it up and i did not lose any fingers but it was kind of close. i will go out and put the mp building guys to bed and then toss her in the sink to hose off her butt and then have a better look at her eye while i clean it up a bit....if she lets me.

sometimes i need 4 actual hands...2 to hold the little buggers and 2 to provide whatever care someone needs. tonight i only have 2 so i am not sure how much good i can do. we will a good girl maybe!

and the little prince just puked on my very fresh and clean bed...luckily he just got the extra fleece so the rest of the bed is still ok. but he did lose his spot on the bed for tonight...i am still working thru a big pile of laundry here...the once or twice daily kingsized bed changes are starting to pile up.

all i need to do is block their bed access by ditching the bed would greatly help with the laundry workload...i would probably sleep better at night. so why can't i just be selfish and mean and not let them up on the bed at night???? just won't ever is not like they mess up my bed on is almost always just an accident. the problem of course is...there are too many little accidents on that bed just waiting to happen.

and once maybe's butt is clean, i better make sure i get her up and at my eye level, every night too.