Rescue Journal

I was asked to write a follow up letter for the Humane Society of the US to let them know how the $2000 grant would impact our operations...i thought i would copy it here too because it really does give a tiny nutshell look at how just basic medical care

Carol  ·  Dec. 20, 2010

Hello Dean...

Our senior and special needs animals come out of the pounds and shelters because they are deemed unadoptable due to age and health reasons. The shelters are unable to put them on their adoption lists and therefore the only real option is rescue or euthanization. All of these animals come into SAINTS with large vet costs attached to them just to get them caught up on basic much needed and extensive dental surgeries (abcessed teeth cause them not only pain but can in time damage their hearts so it is of critical importance to get their mouths cleaned up,) tumor removals and subsequent pathology testing to find out what kind of tumor it was...(almost all of our senior female dogs come in with mammary tumors...50% are malignant and 50% are benign..of the 50% malignant..many of those are slow growing, not highly aggressive cancers...this kind of medical information is critical in planning appropriate care for them and for informing any potential homes of the future outlook for the animal. We have three programs...adoption, permanent foster care (this is for animals with ongoing medical issues that need financial support so they can live in a family home) and our sanctuary/palliative care program where the higher and more extensive medically challenged animals stay in our care for the rest of their lives until it is time to humanely put them down.

This grant from the Humane Society has helped us to pay for the much needed dentals, tumour removal and follow up pathology testing..these three things are the major stepping stones for senior animals to enjoy a greatly improved quality of life. We thank the Humane Society for assisting us in caring for the homeless seniors out there..not only improving their chances for future adoption but just for helping to make each day much more comfortable for them....all of them really do appreciate this basic yet so critically important type of medical help.

Carol Hine