Rescue Journal

shane's first night...

Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2011

i should have named him mr. incontinent....i did not think the house at pooh (and pee) corner could be worse in the morning then it already is...shane has proved me wrong on this.

i am not sure if he has slept yet...he is still pacing around, checking things out. it is not like the high anxiety of molly2 when she came is more of a general, restless since he peed and pooped on everything not already held by a dog...he probably couldn't find a place to lay down.

so if this is the down side of shane..i am not too worried about it..once he settles it might not fully go away but it will get better.

he has met all of the kitchen and computer room guys and has no issues with anyone....well except perdy...we will wait on them meeting without a gate between...but that is perdy's issues not shane's.

i think he looks like he should be maude's old man husband...they are very similar in looks and size...he just still has an intact and functioning brain.

i am dropping off merry to the vets this morning...she coughed A LOT last night AND she was coughing up blood....this is not a good thing.


after i drop off merry..i will head into maple ridge to check on daisy and jenn...there were no panicked phone calls last night so i am hoping everything is ok.

well i better get moving here and get merry in....shane is going to be fine here so at least i don't have to worry about him.