Rescue Journal

i swear to god...

Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2011

larry just cracks me up. i get home from the feed store and good lord everyone just has to get out the door to pee cuz i have been gone for all of 30 minutes and they were all out just before i left...but apparently they think i forgot this.... so here comes larry up from behind in stiff legged larry toddling high speed....and as soon as he gets to the door, he stops, lifts his leg, and pees on the door and jelly's throw rug....then he turns around and toddles back into the kitchen.

so larry...the whole point of your rushing to the door was....??????
he could have done that anywhere, esp. since he didn't take one single step outside the house...that dog is just freaking FUNNY!

oh and the update on chester is....chester has a mild case of pneumonia..the vets will send him back to his foster home with antibiotics. so that is better news then i thought (i was afraid he had asthma...that would have meant long term treatment instead of just a couple of weeks course of antibiotics....altho pneumonia in an FIV positive and fairly young and healthy cat may not be the best of news....lets hope it is not an ongoing problem.)