Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2011

buffy (aka lily) who is out in permanent foster care...FINALLY got her specialized eye surgery this week. the surgery went well..they were able to restore partial vision to one eye and her foster mom says she is doing quite well but is currently getting 4 different drops in her eyes several times a day.
the total cost to us with her last two post op re-checks will be around the $3500 originally quoted to us....which was the lower part of the quote...better then the high one for sure! it took a long time to pull that money out of the collective hat for her (9 months!) so i am relieved it is finally done.

missy..the new stray dog that we took into foster care and traced her tattoo back to her family....they said they were coming to sign her over to saints but never came. she needs eye surgery also (to have a bothersome mass removed.)
since we can't do surgery on a dog we don't own, we were in a bit of a bind. finally we took her down to animal control and surrendered her as a stray...the family were contacted by animal control again so they could claim her. when her holding period was up and she was still unclaimed, we went back down to get her. missy is now legally a saint and has her eye surgery booked for monday...what a freaking hassle...but at least it has ended and she can get what she needs...yay.

tina-fey and mini me are home and not happy about the enforced post op rest.

lucky is MUCH better with her new meds.

dusty is still sore but doing ok.

and i am on early shift so now i gotta go!!!

oh...and...puffy white puppy is not quite yet driving me insane.