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Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2011

i fed noelle half a can of food on a spoon...she is stuck in a cone so bowls are pretty difficult for her. i only gave her half because she had anaesthetic today...i will give her more in the morning. she has been whining very softly...hunger or pain?...i gave her some tramadol too just in case. hopefully she will settle soon....i will stay with her til she sleeps because i won't be able to hear her soft whining if i am too far away.

i am re-naming fang...i am calling him angus...he really is a sweet little dog and he is already a bed buddy.

i had to laugh at the miniscule hag, mini-me last night...there was no way on god's green earth that she was letting al up on the bed. he kept on trying and she kept on repelling him...she weighs all of three pounds and he weighs close to 80....too funny. anyway...she finally got tired and went to sleep and al took full advantage and claimed a spot up close to me. i see this evening that he outsmarted her...he got up on the bed and claimed his spot before she was on guard duty.

i finally finished work and got to take some night time cold and flu stuff and had a hot bath, so i am marginally feeling better than i was an hour ago. i am finishing up my med routine with a hot chocolate and baileys...hopefully soon both noelle and i can sleep.

mystic is way too perky for a sick caregiver tonight...she is currently chewing on a dog brush...and before that a towel...and before that a pillow and i just do not care long as her sharp teeth aren't on me tonight...she can do whatever she wants (that doesn't bug anyone else around here.)

shane has taken to sleeping up on perdy's bed...he is such a nice dog, i don't think she will mind. but a note to all vounteers this weekend...we will be using the laundry area for bambi2 during feeding times and whenever there is a lot of activity around her so she doesn't get so irritable when everyone else goes insane. for now it will be..bambi 2's quiet and safe space when she needs.

currently on the saints watch list is...
popeye of course
james bond
and lucky

if anyone notices anything wrong with these guys...(or anyone else) please let me know.

ok...i gotta go blow my nose...being sick is so utterly gross.