Rescue Journal

my barn day.

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2011

we did survive here today without mo...but i would have survived better if she was here! somebody please remind me on monday to pick up the gastro food from the vets cuz we absolutely will need it for lucky by then!
mandy is not great....she has been sliding a bit lately and i probably should not have sent her out for grooming. she is too old now for the stress of it all..sorry honey..that was your last beauty spa day.
and while it is a beautiful and sunny day...the wind is freaking all of the new groomies were feeling a bit chilled while they farted around at the barn.
pops came out for a bit today...nothing earth shatttering about his venture out. czar barged past me into the riding ring when we brought gideon in... and czar was being a bit of a dick head about pops meeting our white knight cuz apparently gideon is only czar's special friend!

czar LOVES gideon...he stands by him while gideon is being brushed...he waits for him while he is having his lunch...he has a fit if gideon is on the other side of the fence and the gate is closed. to the squealing and biting between pops and is pops who is squealing...and pops pretended to take a bite out at gideon when gideon followed him into his home. gideon is so great..he just said.."whatever, little buddy...if you are upset, i will wander away then for now."
so i am not sure who is starting what with whom. but i am thinking it is probably pops instigating a few things with czar and the ownership of the window in dispute. i would think that if pops has been alone for going on 20 years...he is a bit anxious with other horses if they get too near. he obviously wants to be with them...but i think he is a little nervous pops is conflicted and maybe not always sure what to he pretends to bravely bite out and then squeals like a baby too. is fine..once he is well enough..he can join everyone else and he will eventually find his comfortable place and learn. there is no rush for him to know it all yet..he can take his time and figure it out however works best for him.

good has taken lahanie a couple of years to learn to be a decently nice to other horses horse. i suppose they all can't be absolutely perfect like gideon...god made him pretty special to horses and to humans too.

here is my happy barn tale today...gideon wanted his lunch early. lunch is served when he says it is time...not by the clock that we use. anyhow...i gave him his lunch which he ate quite well and then he wanted to snoop around. i stood and watched him do what he wanted because i think he enjoys snooping around.

first he knocked all of the feed bowls down so he could slurp up any odd bits of left over stuff. then he took off the garbage can lid, knocked over the can and started rooting around in the trash....luckily dionne emptied it yesterday so today all there were was a couple of empty dog food cans and the left over banana peels from breakfast. it makes me happy to see a 35 yr old horse making a mess and enjoying himself while he gets into anything that he can. gideon has always liked to get into stuff...he thinks it is fun so as long as it is safe...he can do what he likes. when he was done i gave him a couple of apples and off he went back out to the field.

i don't think gideon is really a horse....i think he is an inquisitive and self actualizing equine god.

people say that animals don't make decisions...i think that is not true. gideon watches and waits and thinks about how he can do what he wants to do. and he is so quietly and solidly, kind and gentle....he is not just a white shining knight...he is a real life (and curious) king.