Animal Updates

monster mash

Carol  ·  Feb. 23, 2011

i swear, some of those bed buddies are just mean. last night we go to bed and mystic, being a thumping around, chewing on her toys, not really bugging anybody except for me. she likes me to participate in her play so she mushes her toys into my face, my shoulders, my chest.


this was a problem a few days ago because she had gotten some toys from off the floor where they were fair game to get peed on. i learned from that to now go to bed with a fresh supply of clean bed toys for her to mash into me.

anyway...she was being a pretty good girl despite her flipping and flopping and rolling around.

prince has no patience for puppies. just knowing she was within 12 inches of him, puts him into a rage. if you can imagine frail, little, bone rack prince jumping to his feet and snarling is a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but totally true. prince likes to sleep next to me, curled into my chest which does not leave much puppy playing with me room.


and then there is mini-me...3 pounds of toothless and snarling beast. she has the pillow above my head and all she needs to do is just see the puppy and she totally freaks. Hilda is simply a hag...she doesn't like puppies especially 35 pound puppies and she does not care if they are palliative puppies either. that dog has not one ounce of compassion in her.


mystic is so good..she tries really hard not to bug the other dogs when she is playing with me and her toys. but she is a puppy and a big and puffy puppy so she needs a lot of room when she is goofing around. three points of the bed are protected by prince, mini and hilda and the 4th point generally holds a bunch of other senior dogs who are not real puppy fans either.

if they would all just ignore her and let her get in a few minutes of bedtime play...she, like all happy and tired babies, will be sound asleep with in a short while.

but no....they all have to be grumpy, puppy hating dick heads and create a monster mash!

and by dick head she means ... jerry