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i am taking a break from the ball and chain ( i mean book) tonight...

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2011

so i will tell you some magical mystic stories instead...(i love that puppy!)

the night before last...mystic was on the bed quietly chewing on one of daphne's sock monkeys. daphne was sitting behind my hip with her chin resting on me and staring at the puppy. every once in a while a deep and soft mournful moan would creep up out of her throat.
mystic took note.
she stood up with that sock monkey in her mouth and she walked over to daphne and there she proceeded to make the sock monkey gently dance on top of daphne's upset little head.
daphne was horrified at her cheeky gall.
i thought it was too funny!

last night while we were laying in bed waiting in the dark to drift off to sleep. mystic was laying next to me. she was quietly and gently chewing on my fingers in a sleepy and distracted sort of way. i had her soft foot in my hand and i stretched her leg out, straight up into the air and held her foot up there. mystic for a very long moment, pondered her foot way up high and then she stopped chewing on me and fell fast asleep.
sometimes the quiet thoughtfulness in this puppy totally amazes me.

tonight i was briefly watching a movie with the bed buddies and mystic was nowhere in sight. unbeknownest to me she was bombing around in the mud and the rain outside. i suddenly became aware of what she was up to when forty pounds of sopping wet, muddy and puffy puppy landed on top of me. i jumped out of bed and grabbed a towel to wipe her down and ended up playing a cheerful and good natured tug of war instead.

mystic is an absolute joy to be around...i know at times she is an annoying and very busy puppy with VERY sharp little teeth...but there is a kindness and a softness in her even when she is being a puppy pain in the ass. she is incredibly lovely.

Photo by Shelley

and some other great photos by Shelley




I agree just really great photos ... perhaps I will post a couple more of Shelley's pic because they are so fantastic!


What a beautiful picture of Mystic - it should be entered in a pet photo contest somewhere, somehow, someday!!


Mystic sounds absolutely adorable, funny, and playful! What a wonderfully smart puppy. I wish I was there to play too!

Angela H.

The Daphne/Mystic story is absolutely hilarious! I can just picture it. Oh and you should check out facebook, I put a video up of Annabelle clapping her hands which she did for the first time yesterday!