Rescue Journal

just mystic's story left to write

Carol  ·  Mar. 7, 2011

and i am in the process of sending everything to shelley..she has just over half of it i think (are you ready to kill me yet shelley?)
i should have written it all in Word first and not on the actual pages of the book..duh, that was stupid..oh well live and learn!
once mystic is done and everything is sent off..i will take your advice and leave it for a bit and look at it again later.

my weirdo happening for tonight was while i was writing....

all of a sudden morgan showed up and climbed across my computer desk.
huh? that was a bit of a shock, to see her climbing around a few inches away from my face.she has lived her for almost three years i think and i have NEVER seen her come in here and she has never gone out of her way to actually come up anywhere near me! she just stayed for a couple of minutes and then she went off to the back cat areas again.

i better go check their food bowls, maybe they are empty and she is hungry or something.

i just want folks to know (so they are properly impressed) that i have typed that entire book with only two fingers (cuz i don't know how to type with the other eight!)