Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 4, 2011

mystic looks so sad. i have never seen her with a sad makes me feel so bad!

she did well with her problems at all. but she is pretty quiet looking and all woe-be-gone!

i didn't make it home for lunch..too busy today.... but i did manage to stop by and give dixie a quick hello and apple and just check in with her for a couple of minutes...crappy weather, but otherwise she seemed ok.

ok...everything is done so i better go cuddle with poor little mystic for a bit!

NOTE TO EVERYONE; mystic has an abdominal incisional line...she CANNOT get wet or muddy for the next 10 days so basically she is on house arrest except outside on leash to pee.
oh yay...2 puppies on lock down...not much puppy fun at saints this week!



get better soon mystic. the barn is probably not the same without all your zipping to and fro.