Rescue Journal

i have no idea why i was wide awake at 5am on a day off...

Carol  ·  Apr. 8, 2011

what a waste of free sleep.

you know the old saying..."i am broker than a dog."
(is that really a saying or am i making that up in my still sleepy-head?") should be a real saying because it is true...mystic has 3/4's of a 20 dollar bill inside her and the 1/4 she left me is pretty damn useless.

tyke has found something he likes to do besides barking...he likes to hump angus. he thinks angus is his best little friend..angus thinks tyke is a pain in the ass.

new little tina is doing ok...she is already a bed buddy. she is pretty nervous while watching and listening to mini-me and mystic play. if i could read her mind, i would guess when they are really at it..she is so hoping that she does not ever get eaten by that giant puffy white dog. and i am sure she wonders why no one tries to save that poor mini dog..... ahh tina, it's a long, complicated story but mini is truly ok....she likes the fierce battles that she and mystic pretend to wage.

what was really funny was when mystic was feeling low on her spay night and mini had no one to do battle with...she started rushing and charging in fake and toothless snarling viciousness at joey...joey is a weinie, he kept running away! now when mystic is not around to beat on in's evil ass kicking eye falls on joey for a new kind of fun.

mini is a cute little thing but for sure she is i think i like her even better cuz she doesn't eat my money like a cetain someone else does.

blah, blah, blah...i might as well get dressed and start the day now.