Rescue Journal

if anybody is trying to reach me...

Carol  ·  Jun. 4, 2011

don't bother. mystic ate my cell phone and i don't have time to anything about it til monday on my lunch break.

mystic got shaved today (thank you angelina and laura!)..i finally broke down but mostly so she doesn't over heat in the upcoming hot summer weather. she looks very cute... our bobble head babe!
merry and peluchi also got shaved..merry to keep a closer watch on her skin and peluchi just cuz he was getting too fuzzy.

we lost the last of the brown betty bunnies yesterday....she was just over a year old. meat rabbits are not bred to live very long, but i am glad all of them had a nice life here before their lives ended.

we did the first of the tours and interviews..we are hiring again...none of the current staff are leaving but we need an extra pair of hands to cover for sick time and staff days off...esp. with summer coming, this way folks can get away on vacation if they choose. renee will going back to college part time in the fall and she will need someone to cover on her class days too. it will be one less worry to have someone already trained to step in when we need. the animals need to have their full contingent of caregivers every day of the week.

sweetie-pie jumped daphne today..daphne and i are not happy about this so the little hormonal haglet is confined to the computer room...not even bitchy sweetie is stupid enough to try to jump the big dogs who are in there with her...i'd like to see her try to take on big bambi or noelle, but sweetie is far too smart for that.

sir walter cabot has joined the bedroom/bed buddy crew. he really is a nice little dog and fits in well with the group. daisy-too is still up with cherry..i am just pulling her out so cherry can eat. but her walking seems better to me today than it did yesterday so maybe her crippleness is temporary??? monkey is doing ok..he is a bit overwhelmed. silver hasn't eaten much yet but it looks like she had a little bit so far today so that is ok.

anyway..if anyone needs to get a hold of will have to pop me off an email for now.