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the saints animals

Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2011

it is easy to forget sometimes how elderly and frail some of our guys are...this is because they seem to truck along pretty good for a very long time. we even forget that even mystic is hanging by a thread cuz one of these days her kidney function is going to slip over into the less than 25% functioning edge and then we are going to see a big change in her fairly quickly.

this is why the burden of responsibility here is so great..they have to have predominently good and happy days to enjoy..they have to feel loved and well cared for..they have to be given the utmost respectful and concerned kind of care because every single day has the very real potential to be their last day on earth.

i do not want any one of them to feel ever neglected or unimportant in their final days or weeks of life. i want them to feel cherished and that their comfort and happiness is the foremost thoughts in all of our minds.

and this is hard...there are a lot of people working here...myself, staff and volunteer. everyone has their particular favorite or comfortable areas and that is where the animals are known and loved their regular and truly dedicated to their welfare caregivers. there are too many for everyone to know really well, inside and out...(except maybe for me because i live with them all.) so it takes many special people to focus on each area and those who reside there and become their champions for excellent physical and emotional care.

we have cat people, and dog people..and big or little dog people, we have bunny folk, and chicken, duck, turkey folk and horse, cow or goat folk..we have the guardians of the pig, the sheep, the llama worlds... we have this group of people who come here to work who dedicate their time to making the days of our animals happy and comfortable....because caring for them ALL is a huge responsibility. each and every individual animal...each unique equal. crosby our turkey is no more or less than pops, or percy, or ellie or carl or pete or annie or jelly or jerry or conan, or the rock or puck, or stevie, or thumper. we accomplish this because each of us shoulders the full responsibility for the group of animals under our care...together we care for them all.

i see nothing wrong with folks having special favorites...there are enough people around here now that all of the animals are favorites of someone. being the extra special favorites of someone is pretty special for everyone.

i was once accused of not wanting the animals to have meaningful relationships with any but myself..well sorry but that is such a load of bullshit because i am truly smart enough to recognise that i cannot possibly meet all of their physical or emotional needs all by myself and i want those needs of theirs met. what i do want for them is quality, unbiased, honest, excellent and responsible care and i want the relationships to be healthy and respectful on both sides... serious co-dependencies cause serious problems for animals living in probably causes big problems for any being living anywhere.

i want these animals to be loved and well cared for by as many people in as many good ways as possible. i want them to feel that comfort of sinking into or rolling around on a freshly made bed or enjoying that extra hug or special moment of just one on one..and i want them to enjoy that cool and clean taste of a fresh bowl of cold water placed at their feet...i want them to share a joke with a friend or a game of toss with a ball..i want them always to know that there is a clean bed, fresh water and food always waiting for them...that meds are there for them when they need, eye ointments, ear drops, heart meds, anti-seizure, diabetic and pain meds..are all there for them to help them feel well....and that we will notice when they need something more.

and i want us to see them...really see them and know we can recognise in an instant when they feel sad, or they feel sick so we can help them feel better again.

these saints animals are the most important beings in our world..maybe not the whole world...but in this world... here inside our gates..they are the ones that we have committed to care for. this is a huge responsibility we all carry together that on yoshi's last day...or on jack's last day...or on cali's last day..or on spritely's last day..or on clover's last day or crosby's last day..we can stand at their passings and know we cared for them well.

at saints...we love all of our guys....and love is a demonstrated physical act of caring and comittment, every single day of their lives....and is hard...but we do it by working together for them when yoshi passes away in my arms, i know i not only loved him but i cared for him well...even on his very last day.

we don't always have a tomorrow.



@Lynne ~ are you typing S.A.I.N.T.S. ? It won't come up if you don't use the periods for some reason. Still in 2nd this morning but very close to #1.

Carol Ann

Oh I so agree there is always another one to love and another one who needs me.


i have tried to get on the shelter challenge have typed in all the info and hit search and nothing. help

elaine erickson

Love this little ditty thought I would share

"I will lend to you for a while a pup"
God said.
"For you to love him while he lives and to
mourn for when he dies.
He will live for 12 or 14 years or maybe just
2 or 3.
But will you, "till I call him back take good care of him for me?

He"ll bring his charms to gladden you and (should his stay be brief)
you"ll always have his memories as solace for you"re grief.
I cannot promise you he will stay since all from earth return but there are lessons taught below I need this pup to learn.

I"ve looked the whole world over in search of teachers true
And from the list of folk "I have chosen you"
Now will you give him all your love?, and never think your loves in vain
Nor take the time to hate me when I take him back again

I fancied that I the say:
"Dear Lord, thy will be done"

For all the joys this pup will bring thats why the risk of grief we run.
We"ll shelter him with tenderness and love him while we may.
But should I call him back much sooner than we planned please brave the bitter grief that comes and try to understand. And if by your love you"ve managed your wishes to achieve.
In memeory of him we loved so help us through our grief.
When our faithful bundle departs this world of strife there will always be another that needs us in his life.



Hi Heidi, the tours both Sat and Sun are at 11am
Look forward to seeing Trev and his new wheels!


What time are the tours on Saturday and Sunday...will probably be by next weekend...with Trev...and his wheelchair...


Off topic, but we are back in second place in the shelter challenge, more votes please.