Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2011

yoshi is in at the vets..he was a drop off for exam and bloodwork so i probably won't know too much until he is ready for pick up.

the last of the surgical, daisy and sweetie are all for suture removals today...glad to be done with all of the recovery post op they can run around, get wet and muddy or whatever the hell they feel like doing.

chewie had his sutures out a few days ago but he has an abcess in his incisional site so he is still confined and getting warm compresses and sc antibiotic injections....hopefully by the weekend, everything is cleared up and he can have his life back again. confining chewie makes for one sulking, pissed off goat...he is totally and completely choked at not being free.

well...i better de-mummify merry and do her wound care before i leave for my afternoon shift...she will have to be re-mummified with wraps which is a challenge because she hates being wrapped. sorry will be a few weeks yet before you stop ripping yourself to shit.

yay! it is raining..i am hoping i can squeeze in a 2 inch bath without messing up the well water supply before i go to work!



Is there a system in place for milk jugs for water? We don't buy milk at our house so I cannot offer to fill any unless someone gives me some and if I dropped off say ten at a time could I pick up ten empties for the next week?