Rescue Journal

another day of worry..rescue life is such freaking fun.

Carol  ·  Jul. 16, 2011

i believe there are a couple of new dogs coming in today...the dogs are in crises as their elderly owner went into care and the family is stressed as they try to settle his affairs. sounds like it is a tough time for everyone. we have been trying to hold them off for the summer at least so we could get a little bit ahead of things but at some point we have to admit and accept them so i guess it might as well be now. i will introduce them if they do come in today after i have had a chance to meet them. much for the no one gets in plan. oh well there will occasionally be someone we absolutely have to let in or someone will catch us in a weak moment. if we can stick by our guns and try to be tough and heartless most of the time for now..hopefully we can keep intakes to an absolute minimum until we do get to our final goal.
hope floats....actually it bobs up and down.

the downside of having jess back in the house at night is the gate to the dog room is closed..this means mystic and al can't do their back and forth between the two rooms. they like to spend time on my bed and then when they feel crowded, they hit the couch or futon to stretch out. and it means i don't get my puffy, sleepy puppy cuddles too and i missed that last night....ripples in the pain in the ass pond.

damn you jess for being such a twisted, pain in the butt who is pretty good at looking sad and depressed after causing a bunch of chaos...lets just make all of us jump thru hoops for you because you happen to be a disruptive dickhead.

he is so lucky he isn't human....if he was, i'd tell him to move on.

please let the new dogs be good...i don't want to deal with any more pain in the butts right now. i have no idea where to put them...won't know til i meet them and see what they need.

ok..better start the day but i would so like just to climb back into bed and let someone else deal with today's rescue adventure....i am feeling adventured out and would prefer to sleep today.