Rescue Journal

ah crapolla....

Carol  ·  Aug. 10, 2011

i woke up last night with a full blown, stuffed up, sneezing, drippy cold! thank god i have a full box of kleenex! i took some cold/flu stuff and will take some more in a few minutes but it pisses me off cuz now i will have to wear a mask when i see my clients and masks makes it harder to breathe and i feel totally claustrophobic! hopefully it stays as it is and doesn't progess to feeling completely 100% crappy...50% crappy is crappy enough!

squirt is so cute this morning...he is in one of his....i luv, luv, LUV you! moods...lots of squirty kisses, lots of flip flopping rolling around in my arms...he is just so adorably sweet when he feels that early mornin loving feeling taking over his sensitive little squirtman heart.

peluchi is a dickhead..that little bastard dared to snarl at me last night for too much flipping around. geez! my nose was plugged...i had to keep switching from side to side so the gravity change could help me breathe! i told him...go lay on the other side of the bed if it bugs you and quit laying right up next to me!!! i told him he was a totally unsympathetic, selfish, self-centered jerk....who the hell gets mad at someone for being sick?

i snuck out of the bedroom without tess today, she was still sleeping so that is a yay..probably won't have too many of those over the next few days...feeling like crap makes me a bit more whiny and impatient than usual....their cuteness factor significantly fades the crappier i feel.
ah is 0720..i better get my drippy nose and cranky ass into work i guess or i will be late...again.