Rescue Journal

6 pm news break

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2011

puff daddy got kicked out of the house just shy of 20 hours after arrival. he is resource guarding and flipped daisy twice on to her back (little crippled daisy) renee said it was partly daisy's own fault cuz when puff said buzz off, she said "F.U."..(little crippled daisy has a fair amount of fiesty attitude!) so puff now has his own private cordoned off area over in the mp room (guard away now little buddy...we really don't care.) he can still do the barn thing and go with everyone for the field runs, he just can't be hanging around food or toys in a group cuz it makes him act like a jerk. he has non existent sharing skills.

two calls from two animal controls today. the adorably sweet and sensitive senior cockapoo with bad eyes, ears and mammary tumours (i met her today at lunch)..i thought she could wait for a bit while i tried to see if someone else could help her cuz the kennels are not full. but i got a call back at the end of the day, she is bleeding from somewhere below and it looks like it may be a pyometra.... (an infection inside the uterus.) so she is getting dropped off at our vets.
and then at another facility, there is a sad old, crippled husky cross who can't walk more than 10 feet with significant difficulty and pain....they are currently overflowing with 38 dogs and not enough kennel space so some hard decisions are going to have to be made. i asked how long before they needed an answer...4pm today.
well since i was working until 5 and it was already 3..that timing wasn't working so great. but that is ok, they are more than willing to hold her til tomorrow if there is even a remote a possibility that she might be saved. so i guess on my lunch break i had better toddle over and meet her...sigh, maybe she is a totally perfect and easy keeper like lexi (rest in peace you and miss you and you were the very best behaved dog in the world!). she deserves at least a chance to convince me her life absolutely must be saved.

we were out of pizza today so for lunch cherry had a hot dog (which she liked) and i bought her some pizza's on the way home. i also picked up some deli turkey wraps which i tried for her supper..and hey mikey! she really liked those!!! i split the left overs with the kitchen crew, i thought they deserved a treat for having to spend 20 hours with grumpy you know who.

i have NO idea what the hell the staff used to clean the computer room mirror but i have rewashed it twice now and it is still a giant smear...oh well, i guess three times pays for all. i truly wish that the only thing i needed to worry about was the smeary mirror on the wall.