Rescue Journal

saints sunday

Carol  ·  Aug. 21, 2011

i finally finished the shop. the parvo puppy pen is all set up and ready...and everything that was being stored in the pen is piled neatly and shifted out of the way so we have clear paths to everything.

man i get tired of sorting out that freaking shop!

big thank you to brent for pulling everything out and putting it up..i never would have gotten it done without your help!!!!!
while i was at it, i fixed up the rest of the disaster areas in there so knock on wood and fingers crossed that we can TRY to keep it all tidy and next shop cleaning vacation time is not til the end of sept and if we aren't careful it could be a disaster in there again before that time comes.

we had three really nice folks thru today for a tour. we all got a chance to just hang around in the memorial garden and chat for a bit...don't get to do that very often but it was really nice!

thank you to the weekend warriors...everything in house, yard and barn looks AND smells GREAT! tammy moved flora and blanche over into a medical pen and settled them in comfortably. the bird area i thought was too small for 6 cats and my plan was eventually to move both flora and blanche who are very quiet cats to the medical room anyway.... so yay! now they are there!!! they do have to stay confined til their repeat testing tho. but by the time they are allowed to be free, they will already know everyone.

we didn't get to the horse washing..the parvo puppy pen was a more important priority for me. but mo and laura said they might get to it later in the week so that would be great too.

well..i have an hour and a bit before barn bedtime duties, so i think i will go lay down and hang out with the bed buddies who i haven't seen much of today.