Rescue Journal

if wishes were dollars i'd be freaking rich.

Carol  ·  Sep. 7, 2011

i yelled at both tina and fergus and kicked them both off of the bed last night for dicking around and waking me up over and over again. fergus was in his hyperactive on and off the bed and barking at balls that were or were not there and tina was just consistently screaming at him every time he moved or made a sound.

they must have silently snuck back up again after i went back to sleep cuz both of them were on the bed this morning, very quietly sleeping.

honestly i was seriously contemplating picking both of them up and dropping them out of the window to spend the night in the back yard...we live in a low to the ground one story rancher so it would not have hurt them ( i know this because years ago that freaking idiotic, blind, one eyed potato ed accidently bounced himself out the very same window and he was fine way back then.) was a pleasant and safe get even fantasy for driving me totally nutz yet again. today i am thinking as sanity returns (or insanity continues)...the shop would make a great giant bedroom for 2 insomniac and sleep-disruptive pain in the ass dogs. would seriously piss frodo off.

i just have a couple of weeks before my next much needed of the nurses i work with is holidaying in australia....and i will soon be returning to my most frequented vacation and re-organizing said giant messy shop....BUT.... it will not cost a single air mile dollar.

oh freaking yay.

barn shavings delivery tomorrow...and i guess i better order another 120 bales of the water delivery yesterday and there goes 2500 bucks out the occurs to me that a giant flat screen tv for the same cost or less would last quite a bit longer than water, shavings and hay.
it further occurs to my simple minded self that maybe i should have been a couch potato instead of a makes more financial (and sleep easy) sense.

my mom used to say you would have to stand with your mouth open for a very long time for a roasted pigeon to fly in....i wonder how long i would have to stand there for a winning lotto ticket to blow in?

if anyone sees me standing at the bottom of the driveway this weekend with my mouth wide open...i am not crazy....just strategically placing myself for any possible good shit flying by to actually be able to find me.