Rescue Journal

animal communication.

Carol  ·  Sep. 9, 2011

i was kind of wondering if i would end up regretting taking in abby..and honestly, i don't. she is a very nice girl and physically there really does not appear to be all that much wrong with her. whatever arthritis she has (if any) is well managed with her metacam. she is one of those full body know the kind...the ones whose whole body answers when you talk to her.
this morning i said "good morning are you today?" she put her front feet up on my knee, did a quick head to toe to tail wiggle wave and said she felt pretty good.

jenn just called and it sounds like smartie pants (foster cat) has a urinary tract blockage, she is distressed, squatting and trying to pee with nothing coming out...another example of full body communication we need to really watch for....oh yay. i will call the vets as soon as they open and grab her between clients and drop her off if/when they have space.

shane is a curious moron, trying to sniff little daisy too just pissed daisy off...she speaks with her full body also...she launched her crippled little self at shane's stupid face with her teeth fully bared and shane got the message loud and clear and instantly found something safer to lift his leg on the door.

now abby is watching and following morgan too closely and morgan is getting mad, abby hears her and knows she is treading on thin ice but she keeps bugging her anyway (from a safe distance!)

even when it is utterly silent here...the animals still do talk...their language is different than ours but just as effective in communicating. we all pretty much understand each other..all it takes is to pay attention and listen with our eyes, our brain, our gut and very occasionally...even our ears.