Rescue Journal

help!!!!....they are starting to mess with my head....

Carol  ·  Sep. 13, 2011

i actually think that merry might be...slightly less scabby today. don't get me wrong...she is still covered head to toe in a thin layer of scabs....but the key word is thin vs thick and today is her bath day. by her twice weekly bath days she has usually achieved full armour status. omg! it possible? can we finally making some headway????

i had the oddest dream last night...i woke up soaking wet in sweat and i was dreaming about some little walking/talking baby/ancient super-spiritual person that i was supposed to be following around and serving and protecting. sometimes he was an innocent young child, and sometimes he was an ancient, tiny old man. my job was to stay near until his upcoming death which had some kind of religious significance which i did not really understand...i just liked being near him a lot.

hah...which one of these guys is sending me sleep induced telepathetic messages so i recognise and value their utter preciousness?...must have been peluchi cuz he got in trouble last night for getting annoyed with fergus!

oh better not have been fergus preparing me for his eventual death!!!! that i think of it...that little child's/old man's totally sweet innocence does remind me of fergus in some way.

don't even think about it fergie!

see???!! now the bloody buggers have finally driven me right over the edge..fergie and someone sort of like buddha? one in the same?????...just not so round and fat???

oh wait! stupid!.... buddha or someone like him would never be ball crazy....fergie's sweet little brain just couldn't be that important to the whole entire must have peluchi trying to trick me so i quit getting mad.

bad dog...leave my god damn sleeping head alone. you are obviously driving me totally insane!!!

hmmmm...but then again merry kind of looks like that little guy in my dream when she is wearing her towel dress, with a rag belt tied around her waist...maybe it was merry i was dreaming of?....she does pray (prey???) on my mind a lot!!!

shit...honestly it could have been any of the wrecked little bastards i innocent or a master manipulater?...... i just don't know.

i need many ways!