Rescue Journal

taking a deep breath....

Carol  ·  Oct. 7, 2011

if i was going to guess on who would become my next computer cat buddy..i never would have guessed it would be sketchy morgan. but it is and she hangs out blocking the screen, sticking her paw in my food and whining at me to pet her please.
she has been here for something like 2 years now and she finally actually likes me?

june is playing with yoda...before that she was playing with rumple...she is pretty gentle..she lays herself down so the little ones have an easier time beating her up!

i was within an inch of a full sobbing melt down today luckily laura and the staff today saved the day. i just had too much on my plate that was supposed to be happening and none of the timing was jiving very well. the vet was supposed to be here at 12:30 to castrate brad...he had an emergency colic so he didn't get here til after 3. the new little pigs were supposed to be loaded and leaving west van between 10-11 so i was expectiing them sometime between noon and 1..they finally arrived around 230. laura had taken monty and marvin in for their rechecks for me and picked up papa john when they were coming home. but it meant i didn't get a chance to talk to the vet and laura thinks the news on monty is not good...she said the vet gave her that very sad look.

i am so afraid i am going to have to call it all quits and let monty go....but i will talk to the vet tomorrow, maybe i am wrong.

anyway...brads surgery went ok...he is still out but starting to stir. the vet would like him confined in the barn for the next week or so..but i don't think that is going to work very well. the new baby pigs are very cute...wills had a gross wound on his side where the flesh had lifted and dried. i was trying to figure out how i was going to get that off so we could keep an eye on the wound underneath while it heals. charlotte took care of the problem for me...she reached over, ripped it off and ate the freaking thing. wills didn't seem to care in the least so i took that opportunity to douce it with it should heal (and taste gross so charlotte will leave it alone.)

the new cats coco puff and furby are still freaked out...pugsly is still a bit unsure but slowly figuring things out...rumple just thinks he is king of the hill and the new pigs seem to really like it here.
i cancelled dinner out with my daughter for her late birthday cuz i need to watch brad til he is fully awake. she was ok with it..i guess my kids are well used to me and the animals screwing up my best laid plans.

so for whatever it is worth...we are all hanging in here and at least for today my sobbing meltdown was diverted.

no guarantees about tomorrow tho...i can feel the floodgates want to open....crying sometimes is a good stress release.