Rescue Journal

the top ten

Carol  ·  Oct. 8, 2011

arghhh..i went to bed and woke up with a head is tension..the back of my neck and base of my skull feel like a cement block (sigh..apparently i am truly a block head!) i need to pick up some muscle relaxants to kick it out before it settles into a permanent condition.

there is just too much going on for me to worry about right now.

my biggest priorities are,,,
1. get ellie's area finished so the sheep and edith can move over with her and then the goats and carl can move into the main barn
2. get dixie and flicka settled into their new lives and be available for lots of visits over the next couple of weeks so dixie does not feel abandoned.
3.find a great home for the new pigs...janice has a possibility that she is working thru.
4. now that brad is neutered..let his hormones settle and hopefully get him safely mixed in with everyone here...(i am quite worried about this...while he is a very nice pig...he is a very powerful pig and he has not grown up in close human contact like ellie has who knows that humans are kind but also very vulnerable and weak and need gentle handling.)
5.get pugsley's surgery done and then find him a great home...this should not be too difficult as he is a puppy, a sweetheart and a spectacular looking dog.
6.i am on a committed mission to find jelly her own great home...she got ripped off again by the fickle finger of fate that stole donny from her and that dog above all others absolutely deserves to finally find her forever wonderful home....please god, get working on this..jelly has more than paid her dues in is time for her to win.
7. get ready for winter...
8. clean up that gawd damn shop that just keeps getting pushed off my plate.
9. finish off the contractor quotes on the new chicken house and get it to meghann (i am actively working on this meghann!)
10. deal with all of the loose ends around here that are threatening to strangle me.

there...that is my top ten big stresser least for is just 10 things to figure and work out...then maybe i can lose the cement block neck and is the big weight off my shoulders kind of has got to feel good.