Rescue Journal

so barn bedtime went well...

Carol  ·  Oct. 9, 2011

laura came up to help and that was great cuz i am freaking sore today!

i got all of the horses into the correct stalls without any problems and flicka is mighty happy with the dinner menu around here....her head still hadn't come out of her feed bucket by the time that i left...she was going for every single minute piece she could find.

now i am a bit worried that she might run into trouble because our hay is quite different. she was on senior horse pellets before so that is ok...but the quality of the hay here is much higher because we feed the ancient ones soft and green orchard grass and she just can't stop stuffing her face (i only gave her one large flake when she arrived and she is still working thru it so i think we will be ok.) but i will check on her later to make sure all is well..i don't want to risk a colic with the diet change.

in any case she settled into her stall well with the other guys in the barn so that is a good start. maybe they will discuss things overnight and get to know each other and she will feel more comfortable tomorrow. but i am sure she feels much safer in our barn..i had noticed a lot of coyote poop outside her undercover area at her old home and i wonder if the coyotes were bugging her at night..if they were bored with nothing much to do..they might have been.

anyway...for all of my worry about both flicka and dixie...both are in good and safe places tonight and i am grateful for that.