Rescue Journal

czar is a total nerd....

Carol  ·  Oct. 14, 2011

he absolutely refuses to let gideon and flicka anywhere near each other.
"gideon is my friend.....hey! new horse! stay away from gideon, gideon don't go near that skinny, white, new horse. she is not your very good friend like i am..she is a dangerous stranger to you!

poor gideon...35 yrs old and he is securely tied to an obsessively dependent freakoid who is determined to keep his one and only friend all to himself.
he is acting like an equine uriah heep.

fer gawds sake czar... take a chill pill and relax...gideon can like BOTH you and flicka..his heart is way big enough to be friends with all of the horses here.

when i get home from work it explodes into a zoo around takes a good half hour for everyone to settle and forget that i was away for most of the day. right now i am surrounded by snoring dog is my very favorite sound in the world.
except...they are all going to wake up in a minute or so as soon as i get up to go settle the mp building to bed. sometimes i wish i could clone to sit quietly with the nicely sleeping dogs and one to go off and do the bedtime chores.

heads up to saturdays volunteers...i will be doing a feed run and a couple of vet runs first thing in the morning so i will be in and out of here.