Rescue Journal

the morning after heartbreak

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2011

i feel badly that i cannot tell al that the puppy he raised and who really became his constant and consistent friend for so many years, has passed on ahead of him. i am sure he will note her absence this weekend and wonder why she is not here. but gwen has not been out in the barn on weekends before due to various knee surgeries or mo taking the occasional day i think he will just note her absence and think she will be back again on a different day.

animals have to live so much of not knowing about the reasons behind really important changes in their lives..i guess they learn or are built to accept how things change in their lives without learning the why even while feeling the sudden change.

i hope you are coping today ok mo...we know gwen is ok now where she is but we are all worried about you.

oliver's bloodsugars hit 29 on the weekend so i adjusted his insulin. yesterday nicole checked them and they had dropped down to 2.6 so i have adjusted the dose again. if they continue up and down..i will need to send him in for a diabetic dose overhaul but for now i just have him on a low dose for safety's sake twice a day.

looks like snickers probable cancer is progressing...he had a respiratory incident during his nail trim yesterday. he was ok by the time i got fact he barrelled into the bathroom full speed cuz he wanted to hang out in there for awhile. i set him up with a can of fancy feast and let him stay...snickers likes to win in the "who owns the bathroom" war once in awhile.

the barnyard feels a bit empty with the baby pigs gone..but it is a very good kind of feeling empty altho i think brad is missing their close company. i am around here, starting tomorrow, for a few days off so we will start trying him out more and more and see how his blending with the other farm animals go. my knee is quite bad again so i am hoping it all goes smoothly cuz i am not 100% up to giant pig intervention if anything goes south in the process.

papa john's water consumption is dropping so i think we are close to the end of his induction phase.

sigh...and it's time and i guess i better get myself into is a another new and uncharted day.