Rescue Journal

an attempt to dodge another dog bullet....

Carol  ·  Oct. 28, 2011

it is always worth a shot.

so our local animal control called about a dog...not sure if they should put him down or not and asked if i could come and look at him and give an first thing this morning i toddled on over.

nice dog..a beautiful siberian...a bit on the thin side..maybe 7 or 8 years old. cheerful and perky personality, friendly and calm with a stranger poking at him (so not like a chow!)
anyway..his big problem is an obvious fungating small apple sized tumor on his neck which is already breaking a new small one on his front leg. the good news looks like it would be a snap to remove..the bad news is probably malignant so it depends on what type as far as his overall prognosis is concerned.
so here is the deal i made...send him off to our vets at our cost (animal control facilities do not have the medical budgets to be playing guessing games) to get the thing taken off and sent away for pathology. if it looks promising that his life can continue well with the tumor now gone..then they will try to find him a home. if however it looks like he is terminal and will need palliative care, then we will step in and bring him here.

in any case, one way or another.....he is a sweet dog with a very lively spirit still so his time shouldn't have to end quite yet.

fingers crossed that someone won't need to come here but at least if he does..i already know he is a very nice dog cuz i have already met him!