Rescue Journal

not much happened today except for a lot of rain.

Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2011

big bambi and june started to get into it today..luckily i was right there and they stopped right away cuz they both knew i was mad!
phoebe pretty much drove me nutz today...barking her freaking head off. i am willing to bet the problem was she wanted outside cuz she was constantly at the door but it was raining out and phoebe does not do the rain. so she complained and complained like she thought we could do anything about the weather that was pissing her off.

i let pugsley out twice for some field and barn worked like a charm..the thundering moron slept all afternoon...he just woke up now when i sent them all out for a pee break.

it was a basically wet and gross day today..i am glad i am finally in for the night. tomorrow if it is not quite so gross, i am going to try to slip out to see dixie first thing in the morning before i get too bogged down and bagged out around here.