Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 18, 2011

i really like it when i go to all of the trouble to let EVERYONE out for a pee/poop when i get home. i feel good while they are all outside and i am cleaning up an animal-less floor, fluffing up animal-less beds, filling food and water bowls that don't have animal faces in is nice.

i let them all in and shoo them to their respective areas and grab my little lantern flashlight and head out to the yards to make sure i haven't forgotten some little crippled soul who missed the in-coming rush and is still sniffing around and hanging out behind some corner far from my view.

once all are safely in and feeling deeply rescue satisfied, i sit down to read my email and sure as shit someone poops by my foot...god damn tricky little bastards.."OK...who just did that??!! you were all just outside!!!!!"

colin who sometimes comments here called me today..she has managed to twist the arms of some of her past co-workers and has scraped up $500 so far to put towards helping us take care of wilbur and charlotte's needs...she says she is not done with the twisting of arms yet. thank you so much have an amazing generous and "pitter patter, lets get at 'er" kind of heart!

some sad stuff is happening on the perimeter of saints...

lory and paul who are good friends to our animals and lory occasionally comments on the blog.. have just lost their beloved sorry for your deep loss lory and paul...hugs to both of you.

kristy's pathology came back..definitely cancer. she is now palliative but still doing well, laura is already formulating the spoiling of kristy days...kristy will pretty much get anything she wants for as long as she wants if laura has her way!

sad news from sheila and leila..scrappy crashed on them and a trip to both their vet and canwest revealed he has significant cancer. they are trying prednisone to try to give him a bit more quality time but tonight leila told me that while he seems comfortable...he still will not eat and for scrappy that's huge. i think scrappy made a big impact on their lives, he is so unlike any other cat they ever knew..the problem with these larger than life cats is they leave larger than life holes sometimes too. take care you guys and thank you so much for giving scrappy a wonderful fingers are crossed for all of you that scrappy gets hungry tonight and gets back to his usual food finding frenzy!