Rescue Journal

feeling bad/sometimes guilty with warm and fuzzy morning thoughts about my furry, four footed, f@#&'ed up, little friends.

Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2011

buddy has pulled something again...he is back to laying around and whimpering when he moves..i can feel the heat and the tightness in the same place as before..between the top of the left shoulder blade and his spine. it doesn't surprize me, i saw him running around in the field like a moron last weekend. he has to learn he is not three...he is hitting fifteen.

tristie has made the adjustment to the house really well...she is out and about and interactive and not being too much of a hag.

i thought ollie looked much better at bedtime, he actually came out of his hidey hole to say hello. funny enough maybelle has been much nicer to him since he got sick..she sleeps curled up with him in the hidey hole as well. i think she had to live in such close quarters with him for such a long time, she was glad to finally have some space...but now that he isn't feeling so well, she remembered that she actually does care about him now he is no longer by necessity shoved up close and personal and always right in her face.

wow that was a run on sentence that i have no intention of even trying to fix!

i am going to try to take today off...just one 10 am-2pm day of actual real vacation is my goal but first i have to poke the diabetics and go and unload the feed and straw from my van before the barn guys are out and about for the day.

so much for manny's bath yesterday...he did a giant poop last night and it is smeared thru his back end and tail. he really does not like baths very much so i feel bad he is having another one already.

i told ed last night (as i was checking him to make sure he is still putting on weight..slowly but surely, he is!)...for a chow..he really is a very nice dog. he is not quite as aloof as he pretends to be..he actually really does like company. now i am feeling bad that he is stuck in the office. i think ed has that dry and subtle sense of humour that some serious minded dogs have hovering just under the surface. i think they watch and wait to see if we stupid human beings will actually get it. i am getting a bit excited over this because i do not believe i have ever met a funny chow before. i just have to learn what direction his funny bone tends to go in so i can encourage him to cut loose and be funny more. someone may someday want to adopt a subtly funny chow..i think funny to them is sort of unique!

sigh...anyway as much as i love these animals..collectively, they are a pain in my neck and i feel somewhat guilty in admitting this..but you know the old saying...
"love hurts"...and given what loving means around here...from my neck's point of view...i think it is true.

ok a few more minutes and the staff will be here and i can take my eye off the freaking bouncing, old and crippled and mostly f@#&'ed up balls (for a bit.)