Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 1, 2012

on the last day of the year, we lost pops.

on the first day of the new year we welcome...

bert and ernie.

two little lost (or dumped) roosters on the other side of the fence, back in the bush. luckily for them, mo and ko heard them and went looking...and ko and laura were able to catch them (and if i was smart and wanted to have less roosters here i should have told mo to send tammy cuz tammy probably couldn't catch roosters ...i know she and i both suck at it cuz we couldn't catch that rooster a couple of years ago!)

anyway..ko and laura are apparently proficient chicken catchers cuz we now have two little weird looking cutie-pies in the empty chicken pen.

ernie is the not too bright one with the fuzzy slippered feet and bert is the somewhat smarter one who looks like someone went nutz blow drying his feathers backwards. i have no idea what kind of roosters they are, some kind of fancy breeds, but they look like muppets to me.

i left a message at animal control that we found them, just in case they are lost and someone is looking.

for me tonight, barn bedtime was quiet and sad. popeye's stall stands silently empty except for a small tuft of his hair.



Thank you all for the time, money, love and dedication you gave to that poor old man. In such a short time you gave him more than he had ever had in his long lonely life.

I"m so sorry for your loss ):
Run pain-free forever Pops (:


Ernie and Bert are so handsome. Thier feathers are lovely. Man was Jerome pissed that there are 2 new boys in town, he was corralling the classy chicks on the far side of the pen so they knew that the chicks were his property! Haha!


The more I think about it the more I think that tuft of Pops' hair is there for a reason... it is there for you, or Mo, or one of the other barn volunteers or to be affixed to his wind chime.
if no one out there wants to keep it you could start a fundraiser called the Pops Memorial Fund by auctioning it off... I bid $15.00


it looked very festive brenda! and thx so much ann for the bathroom spiff up and shine!!!!! (i was going to get to it..last days days off...some days i don't need to fuss about not getting to it so thank you so much!!!)

not to worry suzanne..pops is a saint, they never really leave us here, we love them too much.


Carol; I hope it was ok to give the back cats their lunch on the 2 plastic sectioned Christmas platters I found with the other food dishes. I thought it would be nice for the kitties to have different kinds of food to choose from, and more room for them to all eat from the same platter that way. They seemed to like the setup. Welcome Bert and Ernie - I'm sorry I didn't go see them before I left today.