Rescue Journal

so since i totally blew the no new dog bet today...

Carol  ·  May 5, 2012

i finished the day off with new dog (sort of) number three. jimmy is a 17 yr old blind, deaf and toothless yorkie cross that someone surrendered to the surrey animal control cuz the dog had apparently stopped eating. who the hell leaves their 17 yr old dog to die in an animal control facility???
jimmy is horribly emaciated, he looks like a blonde colored cherry. surrey AC was kind enough to bring him to me so i dragged him around in my car in a crate until i was finished at work..he slept the whole time so that was good. once i got him home..i set him up in playpen in my room cuz he is utterly ancient and frail and fed him a bowlful of watered down little caesars and he ate the whole freaking thing.
so if jimmy will eat a whole freaking bowl of food for a stranger, in a very strange and unknown come his owner said he wouldn't eat?
anyway..i say jimmy is a"sort of" new dog cuz he is so wrecked he doesn't even really look like a dog any more.

i don't care if i lost that bet today...sugar and jimmy are alive to see another day, plus jimmy got something to eat..and precious is going to be spayed next thursday so she doesn't have to die from a reproductive cancer anytime in the near future.

sigh..two dogs out..two dogs in and one new dog into foster goes on for everyone... i suppose even for me...losing a bet for $5 here and there is "sort of" worth it to me.