Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2012

i changed my dressing tonight..i was hoping it was healed enough to switch to a couple of bandaides...not yet. i had to re-steri strip 2 of the wounds and wrap it up tight again to keep the finger from bending. technically today is only day three so i am probably pushing my healing expectations a bit unrealistically.

oh well at least it is healing.

the dogs are all bagged from the heat today..everyone (except chance) is sound asleep. barn bedtime went well except wills took a full pig mud bath just before dinner and then smeared himself all over me...oh yay, black sludge.

raven is looking pretty darn gorgeous..putting on weight and shining up nicely. gideon is also finally putting on a bit of weight happy his appetite is back! doc is getting a tiny bit of a round belly. tonight at bedtime, he discovered the feed room...ooops and holy shit, hungry goat loose in the feed room!! luckily he followed his bowl out so a disaster was averted. he really is a very sweet guy, can't wait til he is sturdy enough to neuter so he can join the rest of the barn yard crew.

all is well tonight (at least so far!)



I popped in today for a quick visit with the frail guys. Wow, can't believe how happy and active they are in just a week or so. Riley is doing great... Along with Manny and Georgia.

Sarah M

Hey everyone,

I won't be there tomorrow, have to look after a family friend.
Really sorry, but I'll see you next week! :)