Rescue Journal

i am pretty damn mad at someone, i am just not quite sure who.

Carol  ·  Sep. 1, 2012

good thing i don't know who did that to shane cuz i swear to god i would kill him or her myself...fucking bastard!

obviously i have picked shane up fom the vets and have now actually seen the damage done and i am beyond pissed off that one of the dogs here did that to him.
yes he can be rude and pushy and bossy but he hasn't a clue that he is old and frail and is not the tough hot shit that he thought he was.
jeezus..whoever it was had to bite him so brutally hard????
that was way over the top and just plain fucking mean.

whoever it was better watch it again and you are seriously dead meat...better just pack your bags and start running and i am not freaking kidding.