Rescue Journal

more mya

Carol  ·  Sep. 29, 2012

today was an ok day at saints...rock is still with us, the dogs were pretty good.
except for odie..apparently he was a dick head while i was off to the vet but he was ok when i got home so i don't think his previous dickheadedness counts if i am not around.
they are really only dickheads if they happen to be pissing ME off.

mya had a decent day..she spent most of it out at the barn. she really did want to come back into the house early but we made her stay out as long as we could cuz i did not want her crated for too long. i came home on a quick break this evening and let her out of the crate for a bit and she was good and just goofed around with her ball on the bed under my feet. she is out again as i write this, asleep at my feet so that is ok. i think i have come up with a confinement solution that will work better for her and be safe for the other dogs...i will set it up and try it out as soon as i can. but for now it is the crate most of the time when she is in the house and i will let her out for breaks as often as i can.

so house folks are probably wondering how to manage mya tomorrow so here are the guidelines...

1. abbey is not to be anywhere near a dick headed dog..not inside or outside...this includes mya, odie, jesse, phoebe or puff or any other real or potentially irritable or violent dimwad. she is only to be around the super nice dogs. also abbey is not to go out to the barn, she is still too sedated by the new phenobarb dose to be safe around the pond.

2. mya is to either be in her crate or outside at the barn. if she is an absolute miserable and unhappy big baby outside...she can be locked into the entranceway until the other barn dogs come in or the house folks go home (which ever comes first) but lock the front door so no one barges in while she is in there. also make sure she has food, water and chances to safely go out to pee if she is in the entrance and before she goes back in the crate.

3. do not give her food and water inside the crate, she dumps both of them out and then she is stuck in a wet soggy bed. i will make sure i get home to let her out again within 2 or 3 hours.

i sooo freaking hate crating dogs...even the over reactive morons.