Rescue Journal

an onion dog?

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2012

bobo did pretty good..he actually is a giant goofball. whew. however...he did get into a thru the wire door scrap with odie which i am trying to decide if that is my fault.

so here i go peeling back the layers of the doggy onions to see what is really inside....

bobo came back for apparent male aggression which surprised me because he has only lived with a single male for most of his life. he certainly doesn't present as an abused dog so i am wondering if his perceived aggression wasn't maybe more of a protection type stance for his new female mom. anyway..i don't know the dog well enough so i am not sure....i am just considering the possibilities because he is a mix of a couple of protective type breeds.

abbey's bloodwork came back and her phenobarb levels were too low so yesterday we upped the dose. she is in that newly elevated phenobarb dose haze which makes her problematic cuz she is basically WAY out to lunch. i kept finding her laying outside in the cat run which upsets me cuz the dogs go out there to pee at night after they are shut in. i absolutely do not want sweet and vulnerable abbey lying out on the cold, hard cement in puddles of pee. so finally in desperation i shut the doggy door. but because shane and bo were so active and all over the room all of the time..she wouldn't lay down. she just stood by my leg, wobbling a bit, seemingly exhausted but not feeling secure enough to lay down and sleep.

i decided to move her up into the laundry room...she quite likes laying up there sometimes. i made her a good and soft bed, set her up with fresh food and water and took her by the collar to guide her over to there. and if that fucking bastard odie did not suddenly go from sleeping on his bed to jumping her as i was opening the laundry room gate.

somedays there is no rhyme or reason to odie's dickheadedness...he just turns into a complete and irrational, unreasonable asshole for no reason at all. i was beyond angry..nothing pisses me off more than a bully terrorizing an utterly innocent, frail, out to lunch dog.

anyway i pulled the bastard off..sent him scurrying in fear for his own safe bed, got abbey up and settled in the laundry room and then came back down and started verbally raging at him again. he knew he was in big trouble and at that moment in time..i really hated his guts..if there had been a vet here with a bottle of euthanol..i was so mad.. he might have been dead.

odie only cares that i am mad at him if i am standing over his head..once i move away from from him, he honestly doesn't give a shit that i was mad.

which is why 20 minutes later he got into a thru the wire door scrap. he was standing at the door, sightlessly peering in, trying to figure where i was and what i was doing. bo immdiately went over and a secod later the scrapping began.

now phoebe, shane and mya had all snapped directly in his face and bo immediately backed off a step. so did he not back off this time because there was a fence between them or did he not back off because he knew that dog had just recently REALLY upset me and was therefore a viewed as a threat?

so i am thinking on this....over the years i have had many types of technically "aggressive' dogs here...jealous dogs, dickhead dogs, guarding dogs, fearful dogs, bossy dogs, mentally twisted dogs...don't think i have had a protective dog...wondering if bo might be that.