Rescue Journal

honestly...are you freaking KIDDING ME???!!!

Carol  ·  Nov. 24, 2012

barn bedtime was a major production...the goats had to be locked into the little goat barn...ray had to be moved out of his stall and into the goats undercover yard. gideon had to be moved into raven's stall...charley the crippled rooster had to go back into the very small cage, floyd had to be captured and hoisted up and locked into charley's new penthouse pen. then gideon's, the sheep's, the turkey's, chicken's and duck's food all had to be picked up and put away so there was no left over snacking food for anyone. finally it was safe to start placing the rat bait food in the specified areas where no accidental animals could eat. i can't watch the bowls in the feed shed or floyds vacated pen because there are no cameras in there. but i can watch the bowl in gideon's temporarily empty stall...and those wiley midnight dining rats are having nothing to do with it.

oh fer chrissakes you little buggers...I HATE FREAKING DOING THIS! just eat the gawd damn freaking baited food so i can be done with this horrible task.
gideon's stall is totally empty..they are all hanging out with him over in ray's room..i am sure gideon is getting an earful..."where is your food gideon? oh where oh where is your food?"

i am so sorry you guys..i just can't let your numbers grow any bigger...just eat the freaking baited food.