Rescue Journal

finding the zen

Carol  ·  Dec. 12, 2012

i finished all my work today about an hour early so i booked off, came home, climbed onto the bed with the dogs and watched a movie. it was a bit of a brief re-charge. it really is quite lovely to just lay surrounded by peaceful and sleeping bodies who are so very glad you are home. i don't think i should do so many shifts again in a row. oh well...almost to the end of it now 15 down and only 2 left to go. someone very kindly left me some new slippers..thank you erin???

i am not sure if it is simply exhaustion or if maybe i have finally figured some basic stuff out. but i feel more peaceful..less battered inside. i think i make rescue hard on myself..i just need to be more accepting. i remember many years go when i was frantic and way over my head as a parent...someone told me..."just be a pillow" he meant just accept the buffeting, accept it all without anger, recrimination or regret..just accept. i did and it all did work out absolutely fine in the end.

god grant me the ability to accept what i cannot change....

wise words in rescue.

chief had his vet check...looks like autoimmune gingivitis. they gave him a depo injection and suggested a dental..not sure if they are thinking a full or partial extractions. i didn't get a chance yet to speak to the vet.
renee has done a great job on cleaning up halo..she has been brushed out and bathed a couple of times and is shining. she smells really nice now...our girl looks like a dog that someone cares about.

tess and brit go on on friday..brit for her cushings stim test and tess to find out why she has that chronic discharge.dionne has been doing a great job with max's corneal ulcer, getting the ointment in looks way better tonight. he was s happy when i got home today..he is such an utterly sweet tempered and happy dog. dionne also lets jingles the chicken out to run around when she is cleaning the bunnies. i was so surprised to see how big she has grown. it made me sad..she is a huge broiler chicken and she is going to have such a very short life. i can't change who she is either so i will just have to accept that one day soon we will lose her and for now be glad she is here.
pokey has been moved into the holding cage in the communal cat room. time to get him blended in there so he can have some freedom. at 19, he doesn't have a huge amount of time left and i think he might like the outside run on nice days and the comfy couch for his naps. hope he does well in there.
i didn't go out to see the barn guys today. i will try to touch base with them tomorrow but i think they are all ok.

still don't have enough hot water for bathing. i think the hot water tank is screwed. i phoned a plumbing company yesterday but they never got back to me. screw son-in-law is going to come out over xmas when he is off and re-do the entire plumbing piping system. i will put aside some of the xmas donations for this ..we have to have reliable hot and cold water with decent pressure here.
and this too shall come.....geez.....i sound like a monk.

anyway..i think that is all of the news for now..time to watch xfactor. i already have all of the meds and insulins done so i am free for the night as long as no one gets sick or craps out.