Rescue Journal

a couple of add on's to yesterdays postings...

Carol  ·  Apr. 16, 2013

cooper slept a bit better..i gave him his bedtime tramadol a little earlier.

tina can no longer get up and down off the bed on her own. her knee is really bugging her. we have increased her metacam but I forgot to ask the vet if we could add a small dose of tramadol..i will call the clinic today and ask.
in the meantime....
heads up to everyone..she will need to be lifted up and down to pee and poop AND we need to keep food and water available at all times up on the blanket box where she can easily reach.

I pulled bunch of sticks and grass out of Judd's butt last night...he had another one of those seizures yesterday. the vet thinks because of the progression in frequency...we might be looking at a brain tumor. hopefully once the phenobarb reaches therapeutic levels, these will start to decrease again...fingers crossed that the phenobarb will help before he kills himself with something he eats!

I forgot to thank Nicole and Robin (one of my nursing friends) for all of their help with the vet stuff yesterday..thank you big made everything go nice and smoothly!!

I am doing an 8 hour day shift in maple ridge and a 4 hour evening shift in mission today..i have no idea why I thought that was an ok thing but apparently at the time of booking, I did.
today I am thinking more clearly...what a freaking dumbo I am at times.

oh well..better get at ain't going to magically disappear until I get it all done that's fer sure.