Rescue Journal

go figure

Carol  ·  Apr. 20, 2013

odie is not the only disabled medical treatment dickhead living at saints. I know he thinks he is special but not really.

chance the Mongolian monster is an absolute nightmare medically. unlike odie who we can shove a cone on, double noose and force to the ground...when it comes to chances eyes or ears and pancake flat, muzzle unfriendly face NOTHING works to prevent his biting and going bezerk. luckily for now his eyes and ears are pretty good.

the other raving medical maniac is my little blind, diabetic friend griffin. so I am watching him go hypoglycemic last night and I cannot even shove a glucose filled syringe in his least not if I wanted to keep all of my fingers.

do you know how long it takes to build back up someone's bloodsugar levels while getting barely one drop of glucose on his tongue every few minutes? (I however was wearing quite a lot!) I kept wishing he would just go comatose so I could shove the whole freaking syringe in and get it done once and for all. it was well after midnight before I decided enough was enough and just hoped he was still alive and bitching in the morning..which he was.

I will hold his insulin this morning and let his bloodsugars soar, then tonight I will reduce his dose by one unit and hope that is good enough. we had his bloodsugars checked last week and he was around 4.5 so I think I have some wiggle room to safely decrease him.

these uncooperative, biting, freak out, medical nightmares are such a pain in my butt..but for some reason I love them, go figure.