Rescue Journal

missing the freak.

Carol  ·  May 20, 2013

too early for any news on phoebe. max is better however. the swelling has gone down, his tip has retracted, the raging red in his groin has faded to a less startling bright pink. I will keep on it with Epsom salt soaks and protective/healing cream til his skin is normal and healthy again.

jake got the boot out of the bedroom at 2 am last night for being a dickhead to angel over a puddle of vomit. not sure whose vomit that was but jake thought it was his.

I let his sad self back in at 04:30 when I was up again for jelly who puked up a SUPER-SIZED hairball (it was like 8 inches long and 3 inches thick!)...she must have been storing up all of the hair she has licked off her feet for a whole freaking year! gross..but... she must feel so much better without that furry torpedo inside of her.

pretty damn quiet around here without phoebe and it is amazing how much she rules pretty much everything. I kept turning off the ceiling fan because she would be cold...oops she is not here so it can stay on. grabbing the finished canned cat food bowls before phoebe can find them and start barking non stop..oh shit she is at the vets and can't see them. and when folding the left over laundry, picking the best phoebe fleeces available so she has a good store to wrap her in periodically during the night as they fall off..arghh..she is at the clinic..i hope the staff wrapped her up warmly for bed.

PLUS there was not one single time during the whole gawd damn afternoon, evening or night that I got to say...
come on, give me a break! I just covered you up so knock it off with the dicking around!!
I gave you the freaking bowl so quit bitching at me, I told you it was empty!
(my repetitive mantra...)
phoebe! PLEASE!! shut the hell up!

I can't seem to stop running smack into pheber thoughts...apparently I am somehow missing her.

now I know I have gone totally batshit nutz.