Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 10, 2013

I was fairly well bagged out this weekend between a sore neck/headache and the AGM..i think I was out like a light by just after 9pm. good thing cuz I am on early shifts again so it wasn't as horrible wakng up at 0430.

jakey has been feeling a little pushed out by the new sporty buddy's emotional marking of me. sport has been showing his teeth and warning the other dogs away from me. jake has been down this road before when he lost his place to the kids so he has been just accepting the buzz off, he knows what a push out means.

so last night I put my foot down....pulled jake back in and pushed sporty over to make room for my sad little fat friend. they were both mistaken and had to be proved wrong. there is a whole lot of me to share around and no dog has exclusive inclusion rights and no dog is truly ever cast out.

that is the beauty of loving someone who is stretchy like gumby.

plus quite frankly I am not a singular bone to be claimed by whoever is strong enough...that kind of shit pretty much just pisses me off. I have enough bones for everyone, my bones are communist.

anyway...jake was happy to be included back in...sporty was gentleman enough to back off and shift his position but only because I made him.

it is hard to learn my human rules of communal cooperative living when K9 nature is more inclined to have a clear pack order of have and have nots. but they all eventually get it at least as far as fairly sharing me is concerned.

sucks to have a bone with a mind of her own.

maybelle had a small poop and was eating yesterday, but I did give her another laxative and appetite stimulant.
chloe is eating and doing ok but I am watching her really carefully.

lots of extras got done before the AGM this weekend so I can cross a bunch of stuff off of the to-do list..thank you to everyone for this.

kim and brad came on the weekend and filled in mystics holes...she is right back to digging new ones in the exact spots. in this way she is like me ...she likes some things to be sacred and stay as they are. I will fill them in again tonight after work, and this time I am putting some of their poop in the dirt..that ought to help her accept that I really do not want moon sized craters decorating the yard.

or maybe she will just go dig new ones somewhere else..mystic is a stubbornly determined dog.

I guess I better get ready for work...5 more shifts then I am off to really concentrate on getting ready for the open house.

oh freaking yay.