Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 22, 2013

the vet comes out today to recheck gideon's eye..fingers crossed it is improving.

i only have one day off this week...tomorrow.... riley/capone have their vet run, i have to pick up a load of barn feed, i need to do my laundry and my bathroom is desperately in need of a deep clean. plus a farm animal advocasy group wants 4 stories on some of our barn animals for their newsletter to help promote their meatless mondays campaign, and they need them before the end of the month... looks like i am going to be busy on tuesday.

chilko, saints foster dog with janice went into the vets yesterday afternoon as an emergency. she has apparently been eating rocks again and is obstructed again. if she ends up requiring surgery, it will be her 2nd one to unblock her in less than a year. dumb dog.

fritz is starting to settle a bit. he is eating and has stopped growling unless i get too close to him when i am trying to slip him his very own bowl. but i need to get it directly to him so i can make sure that he actually eats. new pissed off cats are such a pain in the ass.

jazzy so hates it up in the laundry area so i let her spend the evening and night in the computer room, she was a very good girl
. i will put her back before the staff get in because it is during the chaos of arrivals that she turns into a ramped up over stimulated primo bitch.

i think that is pretty much all of the news, now i better get ready for work.