Rescue Journal

dressing up a duck...

Carol  ·  Aug. 3, 2013

can be a metaphor for my riley and capone safety plan. I had this vision of a naked clear cut duck, but 3 out of 4 times. the duck showed up dressed as a turkey, a chicken, a poodle. at some point I have to admit, this just is not going to work because the success of my plan is too dependent on too many other perceptions of how this duck should look.

so..i am ditching the dress up duck. that particular duck is gone and no longer exists.

new plan.

mo will arrive at saints each weekend at 0830 and take riley and capone out for a run BEFORE the other volunteers get here, BEFORE anyone can possibly let any animal out. this should end the ongoing saga of duck dressing up.

a reminder to is the only person ever to be on site before 9 am. I am NOT opening the door to others slipping in early. the start time for everyone else remains 9 am.

please lets not get creative and dress up this new duck, no hats, no ties, no ribbons or bows...just a plain simple a duck is a duck plan to keep everyone safe.