Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 7, 2013

Britney isn't feeling very well. Dionne called me at work and said she was having trouble breathing since her bath. renee brought her into maple ridge and left her at the vets. looks like she is in congestive heart failure. if hearts live long enough they all eventually start to fail. the vet did xrays, bloodwork and gave her Lasix IV. I picked her up at the end of the day and brought her home cuz there is no one to watch her overnight in the clinic. I have moved her into the laundry room in the house so I can keep a close eye on her. she came home with the usual cardiac meds, Lasix, foretkor and vetmedin and hopefully they will kick in within a day or two so she can go back cardiac stable into the mp room.

ahh brit..blind, messed up eyes, cushings disease and now cardiac issues. you are not the most healthy of senior dogs but we love you.

boomer is a keener. if he was a person he would drive me insane.
mr perky..ok lets go for a swim, oh hey lets play tug of war, yay we are going to chase mystic and chew on her now, alrighty then, lets sit together on the hill. is it time for gideon's dinner? do you want me to help? are we all going back to the yard now, hip, hip hurray, this is such fun!!!!!

perky people drive me nutz but perky dogs are ok.

wanda got moved into marvin's pen. she seems to be doing ok. she certainly did not want me to forget tho that she does get fed supper again when I do the bedtime rounds. she may have moved but she still wants her meals delivered.

I talked to the vet and chilko went back to her foster home so I guess she is doing better. I really hope she is done eating rocks, she is not the brightest of dogs.

I had to put in an hour of overtime at the end of my shift so I got home late. I better get the diabetics done and hit the sack cuz I really was way too tired today.