Rescue Journal

quick dog in.

Carol  ·  Aug. 26, 2013

and he is a real problematic guy. his name is lance and if I have the story right..was originally picked up as a stray in prince George. he jumped out of the kennel and escaped. he was recaptured and sent down to Vancouver where he jumped out and escaped from there and was recaptured again. he was sent to an emergency foster home where someone was around most of the time and then transferred to a foster to adopt home where he went insane when left alone and ate a bunch of blinds and drywall.

he is a pretty anxious and panicky guy.

he looks like one of those sled dogs up north that were rescued a few years ago..i think there were like 50 or so. he probably isn't one of them but he looks like the same kind of mix, saluki/husky and has the same kind of flight instinct when he is stressed or upset.

anyway..lance is currently shut in my room and is to stay there with ALL DOORS CLOSED unless he is on a leash. he is a proven bolter, he can scale fences and gates, he is a high anxiety dog who runs when he is unsure or afraid. he is NEVER to have any access to outside without a leash until I say it is safe.

ok..i have left him long enough and I need to get back in there with him.